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Zestar, Irish Dexter

Zestar is an Irish Dexter calf that was born in the spring of 2017. She has been the nicest looking calf born on this farm! For whatever reason, her coat is so very shiny and soft. She came out a sweet, compact size. Not too little, not too big. We want a Dexter herd that is medium in height. We aren't trying to grow our cattle into Angus size. No thank you! We are quite happy with this very manageable size of breed.

Apple Prairie Farm, APF Zestar # 042919

APF Zestar's mother is my milk cow, named Timberview Anna. Anna has a calm personality that we have really enjoyed. I am hoping to be able to train Zestar as a milk cow.

Zestar's Father is the bull that is on our property. Roscoe is his name and we are very happy with his personality. Roscoe comes from genetics that were good milkers. We feel that because Dexters are supposed to be for meat and milk, it just makes sense to milk the cows and maintain those genetics. Your sire contributes to that ability and that is why we looked for a bull that will hopefully reproduce those traits in his off-spring.

Zestar will be artifically inseminated this summer and we are looking forward to seeing what calves she will produce for our herd!

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