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The page where we post pretty  farm  pictures, maybe our  experiences with dealing with ancient machinery, random odds and ends of this life on the farm.

Odds and Ends


Meet Dandelion

Apple Prairie Farm, Pet rabbit named Dandelion

Sometimes, when you have a farm, there are people that think you just need one more animal. Farm Guy had a co-worker that thought we needed ONE more. Co-worker kept at it for months, till Farm Guy just gave in. And so a little gray critter lived in the hoop house all fall inside a little rabbit cage. It was very convenient to give the rabbit leftovers from the garden, like broccoli leaves and carrot tops! We weren't really planning on keeping this new addition, if you know what I mean. But this rabbit has the most amaaaazing fur. I grew up with rabbits and have never felt a bunny this soft. It also worked in this rabbit's favor that she was so cute and gentle. The girls on the farm really wanted to keep her and have been taking care of her ever since. My sweet little sister named the bunny, Dandelion! Now this spoiled rabbit will sit on the kids' laps when they are doing school work. We have also been known to bring Dandelion in the house when people come over in case they need some rabbit therapy!

The kids that live around here are always taming the barn kittens. They like to take pictures of them and some of the pictures are way too cute  to not share with you!

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