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Honey Crisp, Irish Dexter cow

This is Honey Crisp, registration number is 039299. She is one beautiful cow. She has nice hooves and a nice top line. She has a gentle personality but is a little shy. She will let you pet her in small doses.

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexter, APF Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp's mother is CCR SNIC Ruby. Ruby and Honeycrisp are the best of friends! They hang out all the time.


Honeycrisp's father is Daggett's Fredwin, registration number 022793. If you are familiar with the Dexter World you may have heard of Chuck Daggett. In fact, Chucks picture was in a book called The Family Cow Handbook. We were sure that we wanted a milk cow but wondered what kind we should get. I was leaning toward a mini Jersey to milk, but came across the picture. Farm Guy saw it too, and decided to research it, unbeknownst to me. When I was talking about what direction we should take, Farm Guy said he thought we should get Irish Dexters. What? So I spent a lot of that cold winter weekend researching Irish Dexters and in July of that year we bought our first Dexter's! I like the journey that we had to take and think Chuck Daggett would be proud that it was his picture that got it all started! Unfortunately, we found out Chuck passed away the fall before. He had spent a lot of effort promoting the Dexter breed because he loved them so much. I was hoping to get a Daggett cow but am pretty happy that Honeycrisp carries on the genetics of what Chuck Daggett was going for!

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexter, APF Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp is a product of artificial insemination. We didn't have a bull on the farm at the

time and that was the way to go. Pretty happy with the results thus far!

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexters, APF Honeycrisp, FarmGuy

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