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Ruby the cow


This is Ruby. She was born on July 16th, 2013. Her registration number for the American Dexter Cattle Association is #032027 in case you are checking out the pedigree of our Irish Dexter herd. She was our second breeding stock purchase. We were so excited to get her as a calf. She came from a Ranch in South Dakota.


#032027 Ruby

We have been happy with how friendly she is and she will let you pet her. She is used to having a halter on her and has been hand milked for a couple seasons. She is very motivated by food and will not care what you do to her as long as she has a tasty treat. She has had two calves. She had Honeycrisp who is now a cow that I am hoping to train as a milk cow. She has also had a bull calf that we are interested in seeing how he will turn out. His name is Fuji.

Ruby #032027

Ruby has been a great mother to her calves and we are looking forward to seeing more calves in the future from her. This bottom picture is her with her calf Fuji from this summer.


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