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Roscoe the Irish Dexter Bull

Roscoe #037331

We have been very happy with our Polled Irish Dexter bull that we brought home from Nebraska. He is a gentle herd sire. He will be turning 3 years old in April, 2018. We have not seen an aggressive behavior so far. That is very important to the Dexter Breed because Dexters are known for being docile and gentle. We are wanting to have a herd that produces milk and beef and I think he will do nicely. His father is Mrald Nit ata Oscars and his grandfather is Circle H Fredrick. When we were researching pedigree that would be passing on good genes for milking, we came across Circle H Fredrick. Time will tell, if we made a good choice.

Roscoe #037331

We are excited to see what kind of crop of calves he will produce. So far we have had 2 calves from him, the first calf that we had was beautiful! I don't want to brag or anything but our farmer friend said to us, "That isn't a calf to sell, you keep that one on your property." That calf's name is Zestar.


Zestar has been the best calf that has been born on this little prairie farm! She is a good looking calf and her coat was so soft and shiny from the get-go! The other calf he had is Fuji, he's a bull calf and we are watching him to see how he will develop. This summer, we are looking forward to the new batch of calves that Roscoe will be the sire of. New Babies on the farm are so exciting!


Our breeding goals are to have a duel purpose herd that will be excellent in giving us meat and milk. We are striving to have easy going temperaments. We are going for nice straight top lines and correct feet and hooves. We are still learning as we go but are pretty happy with our choices so far!


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