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baling hay in the summer time. Apple Prairie Farm
Happenings on a small family farm.

Welcome to our farm. Thanks for stopping in! Check out the blog posts that are all about farm life and all the pointers that we can think to share with you! We hope you will enjoy seeing all our beautiful farm pictures!

Owner of the homestead

Do you want to learn how to milk a cow, manage pigs, take care of chickens? How about fencing? We don't have all the answers but we have learned plenty of new, exciting skills and you can read all about it!

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexter cow, Ruby peeking around barn
Buff Orpington chicken looking at the camera, Apple Prairie Farm

We started a farm where we are learning how to work, grow our own food, raise Irish Dexter Cattle and American Guinea Hogs, earn money, and teach our kids the value of  working hard! Journey with us as we show you the things we have learned. We are excited to inspire you on your journey. Hopefully we will motivate you to live healthier lives filled with purpose!


Apple Prairie Farm

All photo's that you will view on our site are taken by us on our farm. The country kids that live on this farm keep snapping pictures of all the photo worthy moments! They have snapped some great pictures!

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