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You Might be a Homesteader if...

There are ways to tell if you might have fallen down that slippery slope that brought you down that path that is called homesteading! That slippery slope could have all started with getting a couple chickens for some fresh eggs! Maybe you bought a shovel! Perhaps you experienced your own garden produce! Now you will never be the same!

What is a modern-day homesteader? Let's just clarify that you don't have to be off-grid to be a homesteader. You don't have to have a hard life like a lot of our tough as nails ancestors had, that claimed land with the Homesteading Act in the 1800's. Shudder. (My Great-Grandma milked 7 Holsteins every day with her bare hands. You think your life is hard!) You can have a tractor and be a modern homesteader! You don't have to cut your hay with a scythe and stack it in a haystack. But how cool to be able to do that! To be a modern homesteader, you don't have to plow your field with draft horses! Another, how cool is that! You don't have to be totally self-sufficient either! Let's see if you could be a modern-day homesteader!


You might be a homesteader....if during the winter you can hardly wait to see those new farm babies that will be sure to arrive in the spring.

Apple Prairie Farm, ducks, homesteading


You might be a Homesteader... if you can hardly wait to pull out square hay bales out of an ancient baler, stack it on a trailer, haul bales to shed, stack again. All on the hottest day of the year!

Apple Prairie Farm, homesteading, baling, summer


You might be a Homesteader.... If you spend so much time on projects outside like building sheds, getting ready for farm babies that will be coming, putting up greenhouses and you have lost all interest in the projects that you had high hopes of finishing inside your house!

Apple Prairie Farm, homesteading , American Guinea Hogs,


You might be a homesteader..... if numerous outbuildings keep cropping up on your property.

How did that happen? Hmmmm....

Apple Prairei Farm, hay shed, homesteading, farmsteading


You might be a homesteader.... if you go to your local grocery store and breeze right past the meat section. Boy are you spoiled! Another thing about the grocery store is; you could care less what the sales are. You care more about the ingredient list than anything!

Apple Prairie Farm, homesteading, homegrown chickens, meat chickens, packaging


You might be a homesteader.... if you need to get home before it's dark to put your animals to bed or to check on them!

Apple Prairie Farm, homesteading, Freedom Rangers, Broilers, homegrown chicken, pastured chicken

You might be a homesteader.... if you wonder whether to spend $25 dollars on a haircut that month or if it would be better spent buying a few packages of wood chips for your chickens.

Apple Prairie Farm, homesteadingFreedom Rangers, Broilers, homegrown chicken, pastured chicken


You might be a homesteader.... if you hear it pouring rain, and you tear out of bed to go check on farm animals that you wonder if they are getting too wet or cold. "I wish I had known it was going to storm tonight!"

Apple Prairie Farm, bottle lambs, field, homesteading


You might be a homesteader.... if you're not sure if you should go on vacation; because frankly, you are happier hanging out with your cows and chickens, and working on your fences all weekend. You also know that you could be at the mercy of having to choose food that came from; who knows where and you know it won't taste as good! It's a tough problem to have!

Apple Prairie Farm, fencing, Irish Dexter Cattle, homesteading

You might be a homesteader.... if by the end of the season, with all the work and busyness; like baling, fencing, planting the garden, farm tours, farm projects, repairs, harvesting the gardening, canning, sending animals to freezer camp, foraging, and all the other amazing things that you do; you are worn out and wonder what in the world you have done to give yourself so much work! But give yourself a couple months of recuperation and you are ready to get out there and do it all over again! "Yeah Baby, bring it on!"

Apple Prairie Farm, tractors, homesteading, work


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