Irish Dexter Bull Calf

Yesterday we came home from church and saw our cow, Honeycrisp about to have a calf. We jumped out of the van, ran into the house, threw on our barn clothes and ran out to the corral. First baby dexter of the year! Spring has come early to Apple Prairie Farm!

This was Honeycrisp's first calf, so yeah, we were excited! I am glad we had a spot in the barn that had a nice layer of straw already put there in anticipation for this exciting event! We pushed Honeycrisp into the barn and about 15 minutes later, a new dexter calf was born.

We are still thinking about a name. So at this point, no name. We plan on keeping at least one bull calf to sell out of this years calf crop. We really like the genetics of Honeycrisp so we aren't going to be too quick to turn this little guy into steer. (A steer is for the most part, for beef.) This bull calf might have the chance to go be a sire to another herd. We will decide in a few months.

So far, Honeycrisp is an attentive mother. I am looking forward to being able to milk again. There is just something about raw milk. Our family is able to fend off most of the bugs that come our way. We don't catch every little cough and cold that comes along when we are drinking raw milk.

We haven't milked since last fall and I am tired of spending money on milk and yogurt. You see, I normally make about 6 quarts of yogurt at a time. I admit, I am spoiled! Can it be any better than when the kids grab yogurt for a snack?

Yogurt is so healthy for you, especially when you don't have all the sugar added to it, and the artificial flavors. Farm guy takes our yogurt to work for a snack. A few years ago, he maybe would have grabbed a candy bar out of the vending machine. Not anymore. When you have delicious food that you produce, you eat the better tasting, healthy options!

Here I go again, rambling about food, when I just wanted to tell you about the new addition to the farm! I hope you will forgive me, I just can't stop telling you about the food.......that you could be producing for your own family!


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