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How to make rock corner posts

This last summer we tried a fun new way to make corner posts. I don't think it took any longer than the corner posts that you dig three holes 4 feet down. I am a little tired of seeing our hard work of fence posts push up out of the ground when the frost heaves the post's up.

Before you email me all these ways where we probably made them wrong, you have to know that the frost goes down past 4 feet and we have Ice Age conditions in the winter. You know, we probably did it wrong, but we did our research and tried our best to have perfect corner post's! Some things in life are not meant to be! See how stressed out I am about our corner post's looking wonky!!

As I was saying, I don't know where Farm Guy gets these genius idea's, but I am very happy I am married to him! This was new to me! Now I don't want to hear that all of you's have been making these for years and I am the only one that has been in the dark! I am kinda excited about these babies! Now that I think back, it probably took way less time and effort to make a rock post than the other kind.

Rock corner post, apple prairie farm

Since this was our first season of using them, I really don't know for sure if this will last forever but it worked all summer for a new fence. I will let you know in 50 years if it is still standing. Our trial fence was around 200 yard long and these corner post's kept the wire up. Now if you are in doubt if it will be strong enough, make your wire circle larger so it has more strength. One of our corner post's ended up being skinnier than it should have been, and it got a little top heavy and we had to make it again.

I think this idea is so great because most places have rocks, so you shouldn't have to go to the hardware store. If you don't have rocks on your land you need to go get some land with some rocks on it! Some sweet person who owned our land before us, put all these rocks into piles for us. No shortage of stones here!

If you don't have any old sheep netting laying around, don't fret Buttercup, there's got to be some somewhere! Go find your neighbor down the road that has an old roll of sheep netting and tell him you would be happy to give the roll of sheep netting new purpose rather than just sitting there in the long grass! I am sure he would love to give it to you. Otherwise this is where begging comes in handy. Or bartering. Whatever works!

Once you have your sheep netting, get your trusty wire cutters out, cut off a length that is at least 7 feet long. Any shorter you could have a post that isn't heavy enough to keep up your wire. Form your cut sheep netting into a circle and use the end wires to wrap around the other side. Make it so your circle will not come apart! Secure it as much as you can. You want this wire circle to contain those rocks past the time you will be going to the nursing home!

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexter Cattle

Put your wire circle into the spot that you want a corner post and start filling it up with rocks. Put larger heavier stones on the bottom. I have learned it helps to put some flatter rocks partially sticking out of the holes on the bottom wire post. That way, your post will seem wider on the bottom than the top. You don't want this thing going anywhere! Fill it to the top with rocks. All done, except you need to attach some insulators so you can get that fence up!

Another thing to think about, is the height of the sheep wire netting worked perfect for our Dexter Cattle, but my guess is, with a larger breed you could add another circle of wire around your corner post after you have add the rocks to make it taller. If it were me wanting to make it taller, I would add the wire halfway up the post so it is very strong.

Apple Prairie Farm, Irish Dexter cattle, Fence, pasture

Here's to the long hours we spend fencing every summer to make our cattle happy!


Here's a verse for you:

There is no one holy like the LORD;

there is no one besides you;

there is no rock like our God.

1 Samuel 2:2


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