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Homemade Yogurt

When we have extra raw milk in our fridge, we make yogurt. It's not hard to do. This is how I make it.

Apple Prairie Farm, Homemade yogurt, raw milk

Small Batch Yogurt

4 cups whole, raw milk

3 Tablespoons live yogurt

Large Batch Yogurt

8 cups whole, raw milk

6 Tablespoons live yogurt


Put your milk in a stainless steel pot.

Heat slowly. Use a thermometer that works for liquids.

Stir often. Bring milk up to 180 degrees.

Take off heat. Let milk cool until it reaches 110 - 115 degrees.

Add plain, unsweetened yogurt from the store.

Whisk well, make sure there are no clumps of yogurts left in the liquid.

Pour milk in jars. Put immediately into cooler.

Add jar of very hot water to cooler to regulate temperature.

Put blanket over cooler. Let sit for at least 6 hours.

If you want it to be more sour then leave in cooler up to 12 hours.

Put in fridge. Enjoy within 2 weeks.

Make another batch of yogurt within three weeks.

Use this same yogurt for your starter.

Homemade yogurt

How easy is that? Wouldn't you rather your kids snack on wholesome foods rather than food that has so many additives in it. Trust me your family will benefit if they aren't filling their bodies with ingredients that don't even resemble food. I think of something that a friend told me. He thinks of grocery stores as chemical storage facilities. Folks, next time you are buying your favorite foods at the store do yourself a favor and check out the ingredients. Don't buy them if they have ingredients that don't even come close to being called food. Your body will thank you in the form of being healthier. Can't put a price tag on your health!


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