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Fuji the Irish Dexter bull calf

This young bull calf was born in April 2017. His registration number is #042920 He is a gentle guy and likes to follow his Dad around. His Dad is Roscoe registration #03731. We are excited to have great genetics in our herd and really are hoping those genetics will be seen in the offspring of our calves.

Fuji #042920

Fuji's mother is Ruby, registration #032027. This handsome fella will be sold to be a sire for another Dexter herd. He is for sale in case you are looking for a guy that is polled, has good lines for milking. His mother and father have great looking hooves that you don't ever need to trim. I have heard that a great Dexter herd starts with great Genetics!

Fuji #042920

We don't have any aggressive behavior in our herd. Dexters are known for being gentle, friendly and curious towards humans. We want to work with our cattle and not be worried about bad behaviour. My kids are in the corral for the cattle everyday and we are very happy that they have an opportunity to learn how to manage these gentle beasts!

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