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Hi to you.....

Hi to you...

Welcome to the blog of Apple Prairie Farm. I want to show you around our farm, maybe inspire you to try to raise a few animals or even put some seeds in a raised bed in order to have some homegrown goodness! The food we grow on our farm is flavorful and as good as it gets! When our family sits down to enjoy a meal that we raised on our farm, we look at each other and know that we have to keep doing what we are doing. Can't find this much flavor in the grocery store!

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February 15, 2018

When we have extra raw milk in our fridge, we make yogurt. It's not hard to do. This is how I make it.

Small Batch Yogurt 

4 cups whole, raw milk

3 Tablespoons live yogurt

Large Batch Yogurt

8 cups whole, raw milk

6 Tablespoons live yogurt

Put your milk in a stainless steel p...

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